Changing Faces Skin Care prides itself on providing our clients with exceptional, personalized services and the ability to service all your skin care and beauty needs.

We use nothing but the best products available – G. M. Collins® Paris. From Chemical Peels to Essential Body Care, our salon provides it all.

Your skin is unique! Your skin care should be too!
Clinical Facial Treatments we offer are listed below:

Algomask +

Hydrating and Soothing

Oxygenating Skin Care

Purifying and Revitalizing

Collagen 90-11

Revitalizing Anti-Aging

Collagen Sublime Eye Contour

Sublimating Eye Contour


Visibly Firm & Lifting

Sea C Spa

Revitalizing and Energizing

Botinol  *

Anti-Aging Radiance

Chemical Peels

Derm Renewal, Acid Peels and Modified Jessner

* Botinol Service available via appointment only









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